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Meta Title

SONDAJ,Su Sondaj,Su Sondajı,Su Sondaj Kuyusu::SONDAJ.BİZ::

Title length

Your title is 58 characters long, that is just great SEO specialists around the world salute ya!!!

Important characters in title

You don’t have any forbidden characters (such as "{}[]()<>), it will be a good idea to keep it this way!

Meta Description

Sondaj.Biz'de Sondaj,Su Sondaj,Su Sondajı, Sondaj Fiyatları,Sondaj Firmaları,Zemin Sondaj,Jeotermal Sondaj, İstanbul Sondaj,Su Sondaj teknikleri yeralır.

Description length

Your description is 153 characters long, this is a great length as it falls within the golden 150-160 character length criteria!!! Keep up the good work.

Keywords from keyword density in the description

Your description incorporates a fair amount of keywords, two thumbs up!

Meta Keywords

, Artezyen Kuyu, Jeofizik Etüt, Jeolojik Etüt, Jeotermal Sondaj, Kuyu, Kuyu Açmak, Kuyu Temizleme, Kuyu Temizlik, Kuyu Temizliği, Sondaj, Sondaj Firmaları, Sondaj Şirketleri, Sondajcı, Sondajcılar, Sontaj, Su Arama, Su Etüdü, Su Kuyusu, Su Sondaj, Su Sondajı, Zemin Araştırma, Zemin Etüdü, Zemin Sondaj, Zemin Sondajı

Keywords length/count

You do not have even the minimal 3 keywords in your key word count (from keyword density). Try to use some of these keywords:
Your code to text ratio is 21.78%. You could say that though the building is not on fire, it still requireds some attention. You can improve your website by adding some more content or making minor revisions in your code (content would probably be easier...).
Heading tags present the structure to the users (not to be confused with the <head> HTML tag or HTTP headers). Heading tags are broken down to six levels, starting with <h1> (descending order of importance)and ending with <h6> as the least important.
You have 1 tag/s on the H1 level, 2 tag/s on the H2 level and unused tags: <H4>, <H5>

Alt attributes on images

Some images, such as:
<img src="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" width=187 height=1 border=0 alt="">,
<img src="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" width=186 height=1 border=0 alt="">,
<img src="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" width=18 height=1 border=0 alt="">,
<img src="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" width=1 height=1 border=0 alt="">,
<img src="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" width=962 height=1 border=0 alt="">
are missing an ALT attribute. It can positively influence for your site SEO if you were to mend this situation.

Assigned w/h dimensions of all images

Assigned Width and height of all images; this has to do more with user experience rather than pure SEO. This attribute is most important for slow connection users and/or highly graphic websites, improving loading speed and avoiding odd behavior while page is loading.

100 % percent of your images have fixed dimension. 12 images with “width” and “height”, there are 0 more images that you should add dimension to.

Count of JavaScript files on the page

Your page have 1-3 JS file, it’s no affect to speed of loadpage.

Count of CSS files on the page

Some styles are based on HTML, it is recommended to switch it to external CSS files.

External Links

You have 3 external links on your homepage, this is good because the 100 links maximal recommended limit.

Internal Links

You have 44 internal links on your homepage, this is good because the 100 links maximal recommended limit.
You have 20 errors, and 0 warnings.

Validation Errors:

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Line 36, Column 7: required attribute "TYPE" not specified
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